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According to the Oxford Mail Lewis will be back in 2014. I do hope so - I was so upset at the end thinking that was the last one!
I loved the Morse series but I have enjoyed Lewis even more.
I think, having ended it the way they did, and as much I'll really miss the show, it's probably best to close the book on Lewis now, rather than have Robbie seemingly changing his mind about retirement.

The last scene was the perfect way for Lewis and Hathaway to bow out, I thought, and to bring it back now would feel to me as though they were squeezing every last drop from it (memories of Only Fools and Horses spring to mind!)

Plus, I've said before that Hathaway has been one of my favourite TV characters, and I think Laurence Fox has been great, but I did feel throughout this series that he was really ready to stop playing James; maybe it's just me, but I felt like I could almost sense his boredom at times
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