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The Golden Girls actress, who won a well deserved Emmy passed away a few years ago. She was a collector and held sentimental things of most things like us all.

I don't know who's set this up, but its thought to be with Rue's prior permission, who said that the family could have all they wanted and the rest could be auctioned off.

First question, who's the money going to?

Second question, i mean i don't mind a few sentimental things that Golden Girls fans would want like some wardrobe items and signed scripts etc, but that site contains passports, bank statements, cancelled cheques, medication bottles, driving licenses etc - it just seems a step so far..I cannot help think that this wasn't what Rue probably wanted - she probably was happy for a few things to be auctioned off. If the family are benefiting from this...i am really surprised most people in Hollywood i'm sure as was Rue will have been quite wealthy never mind what they spent, the Golden Girls all had big salaries near the end of the series.

Third question, The Emmy award is up for sale at 1 Million dollars. First of all thats ambitious. Second of all i am stunned not one member of her family wanted that!? You'd expect them to be fighting over that, it's one of her biggest achievements and represents the peak of her career and they'd rather sell it for a ridiculous amount?

Betty's reaction that personal letters between her and Rue are part of it is shocking, its seems abit of a sale to Betty...Betty seems abit awkward and shocked at some stages. Notably the letters did not go for sale - i'm sure Betty will have had that stopped.
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