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I have to say that this is one of the most engaging, touching and authentic dramas I've seen for a long, long time. Perfectly cast and beautifully acted, it's all the happiness, sadness and confusion of your teenage years rolled into one vulnerable, aching journey. I can't believe I almost gave it a miss because of the first trailers, and I'll certainly miss it - miss them - when it's finished.

One nice aside to it being set in 1996 is the absence of smartphones being used as a plot device, makes me almost nostalgic for those days.

It's amazing that "yoof" drama like this can still be produced when you think of the unending shallowness of Hollyoaks and the parade of loathsome, soulless, selfish, self-absorbed cliched sociopaths played by bad actors that Skins eventually became. It's a different class altogether. I love Rae, I love Chop, I love Finn, I love them all... Does that make me a saddo? I don't care.
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