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Like most people on this thread, I don't find her in the least warm, witty or funny. Her Dreary entry on the 10th of February was drivel, as usual.

As if that creep Nirpal would say to anyone that La Jones was so likeable when he only looked on her as a meal ticket. She treated him like a child, though, even checking to see if he'd dried his hands properly and not wanting him to mess up her duvet with his legs yet she lets all her cats sleep on the duvet and even puts dishes of food on it. It doesn't make sense but that's par for the course.

I wonder what she'll say to Ruth and Eamonn tomorrow if she's challenged about the elusive Rock Star, considering she's supposed to be talking about life as a single person. No doubt she'll go all coy and say she's keeping her personal life private because the FRS doesn't wish to be talked about. That would be rich, coming from her!
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