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I was wondering, is Capital FM going to start playing any of the following songs?

50 Cent- My Life
Bingo Players - Rattle
Disclosure - White Noise
Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie

I listen to the station a lot, and these songs are massive at the moment, but I hardly ever hear them on Capital (I think some of those I've NEVER heard on the station).

I'm just a bit confused. Are these songs not testing well with all those 15-30 year-olds listening to the station?

I checked the playlist, and some of those songs are there, but when I actually listen to Capital I'm not hearing them. Do they only play those songs at night or something? Have I coincidentally not been listening to Capital whenever these songs are played? I listen to Capital enough to hear We Found Love multiple times a day, so I'm surprised I've hardly hear those massive hits. Can we ever expect them to be put into day-time rotation on Capital?
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