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I totally understand it's not my place to say any of this but i have to add some ammendments to my first post. I am not 100% sure but i thought what he said was that her will had 23 benefercies (sp) 12 animal charities within that. Her son took what he wanted and the rest is being auctioned off. So i don't know for sure, but if it was i'd expect that to be written on the website and it isn't.

The Emmy i thought was for sale isn't so fair enough. But lots of proud things like Nomination certificates for Golden Globes and Emmy's are. That is ridiculous. None of the family care enough to keep or file those away.

The most awfulest thing i think this is really wrong.
Theyre selling her address book.
This contains telephone numbers of all her relatives and friends and addresses.
They point out themselves that Betty White's telephone and address is still active!
they've set the price at $2,500

How wrong is that. Poor Betty White!

I now think she had a very enstranged family who saw Rue's fame as an oppurtunity - thats my opinion.
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