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Phew! I thought somone had transgressed some unwritten law and got the thread closed!

I want to change my mind why that couple dont want to stay......"vomit-gate"
Ahh yes, Hercule, I noticed zat too. Do you think it is ze genuine clue or is it ze red 'erring?

We only see Paul commenting negatively on Cathy. He must have talked about more than just her.
What on earth has the woman done wrong? So far, I can't see anything other than she had the damned cheek to mention that she found a hair in her food. She even waited till the others had left before she mentioned it to Paul.

This couple are really irritating.

They are making their problems their customers problems. All of the criticism is fair.
They are very prickly and defensive. Nothing is their fault.

I agree on tonight's showing. I thought the criticisms made about their place were valid I.e, the decor but they were having none of it.
I knew as soon as I saw those blue, green and copper coloured duvets that it was going to be a blast from the past!

That, plus the fact that the 250 they take from you in case of any damage* doesn't get refunded until after you've checked out, (because they won't have had time to check your room by then) and I think they have a really bad attitude towards their guests.

They feel free to take a hefty chunk out of that 250 if they find something wrong, like a stain and quite frankly, since V & S refuse to check the room while the guest is still there, the guest has absolutely no way of proving it, if they are certain that there wasn't a stain there and they therefore deserve the deposit back in full

*according to responses to Trip Advisor complaints
250! Unbelievable! Those 2 need a reality check. When we stayed in a luxury and I mean luxury apt. in Majorca, we payed a 250 and completely understood why. The Richmond is so outdated, they have nothing to spoil!

I see we now have a new 'gate' to rival pubegate, poached egg gate etc........towel gate. I think the prod team must ask the B&Bers to test/look at certain aspects of the room and comment.
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