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Eep I see what you mean about the responses on Trip Advisor - regardless of how harddoneby a proprietor feels they should bear in mind that what they write stays there for all and anyone to form an opinion with.

richwoodtorquay, Owner at The Richwood, responded to this review
6 November 2012
Well, well this man…
For sure he would prefer the Grand Hotel (they get some awful reviews too) but is either too mean or too poor to pay their tariffs. He obviously does not appreciate the Victorian curiosities that one finds at British coastal resorts…
I am happy we won’t have to be pleasant to him again.
Our breakfasts; I ask you: who ‘deep fries’ a breakfast? – we certainly don’t. And by-the-way, we have 3 stars and make a very good, fresh ‘locally sourced’ breakfast as stated in many reviews…
The Beirut BISTRO... the food (which he did not try) is great. The Bistro is also the breakfast room and it is not awful, just different.
And this is most strange – the small double this very odd man was in was redecorated at the beginning of this year… The carpet is CLEAN, as is the rest of the house; no pets have been in there. He is lying; watch out man from Nottingham, purgatory will take its toll in the end…
We like our murals and resent his racist comments.

Addendum for readers:
We do still have a lot of redecorating and some renovations to be done and are in the process of doing it, step by step, as our resources allow. This is an old house and the many various owners in the past have left their varying marks (and botched up maintenance works) all of which takes time – and money to change/repair.
We have come to love our Richwood with all its quirks and we will bring her back to her previous splendour...

I'm sorry, but if there's a maintenance issue which has been inherited from the previous owners, that's of no interest to me. I'd be paying YOU in the here and now and that's what matters to me.

I would never stay anywhere where I knew the owners were prepared to post this kind of response on a public forum for all to see.

Odd that they had feedback from Paul about the shower room needing redecoration and their response, again, was that it had already been done

Oh and there's more
I refer readers to other recent reviews from this date to make comparisons...
It is a shame that this very supercilious 'gentleman' can't get his facts straight...!
5. Our Terms and Cnditions are clearly Terms and Cnditions , not intended as a love letter to our guests.
Finally, I am relieved to know he will not be back.
These comments are taken from the Poor section of the TA Reviews, of which there are 6. There are, however, 40 Excellent or Very Good reviews

Sadly I think these responses show a very unprofessional approach that doesn't bode well.
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