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From the previous thread

Shop Girl posted the following:

Isn't that the same pub they used in 'Saving Grace'? That pub and the Victoria sign were in the first Doc Martin movie, too (you can see the sign in the scene where his wife walks in IIRC).

I looked at the locations listed for the filming of "Saving Grace" and it listed Boscastle, St. Tudy and Port Issac (there were no location listings for the Doc Martin movies). In looking for pubs in those areas I found The Wellington Hotel Bar. There aren't many photos of the place that I could find but if they did a bit of set redressing it might be it. The physical bar looks the same. Couldn't find a shot of the staircase but in looking quality of the woodwork in the bar and the rest of the hotel it would fit right in. The bar is listed as having a "Minstrel's Gallery" so would have to have a staircase to get to it.

I am probably wrong about it but thought I would mention it for your consideration.
Cool, cool, cool! On my way to check it out. Yes, I forgot to mention that it was the same bar from the Doc Martin movies. I have only seen Saving Grace once and don't own it so I couldn't check.

Off to search that pub! Thank you!
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