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Yeah, Bassline Junkie is obviously made primarily for clubs rather than radio (same with White Noise). It doesn't really appeal to the 30+ audience since it's got too much bass synths I guess, not enough high pitched synths in there. It actually has a very strong melody though imo in the beat, just some people don't have the ear for that kind of music, they can't pick out the melody, but really those people should just go listen to Heart FM imo.

Bassline Junkie seems like a comedy track.
Yeah, it's definitely quite a humorous song, but I still think it's a legitimate song, like Thrift Shop or Sexy and I Know, and, let's face it, it's huge with some parts of the population.

I think Harlem Shake by Baauer is going to get the "appears on Capital FM's playlist but you'll never actually hear it on the station" treatment as well tbh.
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