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that bluray looks sweet as!

Day 1 for me if the US version is region free, will be getting that firstly
I've never really bothered with Blu-ray, indeed I barely know what it is until I started to checkout some info about it. Is it really that superior? Is it the next thing after DVDs. I don't know anyone who has a player.
The players seem ridiculously cheap. Does it still play ordinary DVD's.? I have a Region 1 DVD player as well as a MP3/4 player but use the former as I get a lot from America. Will a Region 1 Blu-ray play US releases without me having to pay for an IT wizard to convert anything?
In short is it worth it, as given the specs I'm reading it sounds amazing.

I realise this is in totally the wrong thread, but thought someone might have some good advice. My ignorance knows no limits in the technology stakes.
At least on this thread you all know what a nutcase I am.
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