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She feel out with Lady Gaga in a war of words through media. She wasn't working with her, it wasn't to her face either.
what difference does that make? you originally wrote that she wouldn't `pick on an a-lister`, but she did call gaga out in the media. do you honestly think if she met lady gaga, she wouldn't confront her about the same issues?

here`s how she signed off her open letter to gaga, not the actions of a starstruck coward if you ask me.

`Let me know if you want to continue this debate. Iím an open playing field for you my darling. Sincerely, Sharon Osbourne'.

If Dannii was sleeping with Simon, neither of them were married and they were both adults, they did nothing wrong. Dannii is younger, prettier and someone that Simon wanted in his bed, Sharon was jealous.. Dannii stayed in that job long after her relationship with Simon ended and remained professional and never, ever spoke about it.
i wonder why that was? possibly, because people would have assumed that she got the x factor job for all the wrong reasons and perhaps some people would also appreciate why sharon fell out with her. its has nothing to do with professionalism and everything to do with saving face. dannii claimed to have no idea why sharon would be annoyed with her, when its obvious she knew exactly what the reason was, but it just didn't suit dannii to reveal that reason.

of course, as your post indicates, there are plenty of people that would have still blamed sharon and her `jealously`. personally, i don't think sharon cared less about dannii and simon. she just got annoyed with dannii playing teacher`s pet.
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