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They are mad. One or two bad TA reviews wouldn't put me off if there were lots if good one because you'll always find someone who moans and often they are the ones who write a review. However, their defensive responses would most definitely stop me from going!
I once worked in a small friendly family run b&b It was quite enjoyable as a whole

Then they seemed to get quite addicted to checking out the TA reviews and responded to each one and I must say that they didn't really come across very well in their responses.

After working there for 4 years in the bar, restaurant and bookings, etc I left because they asked the staff to sign a contract which included taking liability of damage to rooms and damage to vehicles left over night on the road

It seems that when owners read the TA site paranoia sets in, anyway they have since left and I'm now off to check the latest reviews (USAKIP may have stayed there) !
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