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i m saying that at least i m not the only person who thinks so and have you told the other poster they re crazy or is it just me.

Also the term crisis is very subjective and can mean many things and for balance sake if itv are in crisis, then so are the bbc, the big crisis for both is that the internet and other ways of viewing and removing linear viewers as most threads suggest. this causes the bbc and itv different problems and therefore both are in crisis because of the lost viewers not viewing them anymore.
No I havent told the other poster he is crazy, just that he was wrong, and along with other posters, presented factual information to show why.

...and no I havent said you are crazy, just that you areposting, for the most part, indecipherable bollocks which you cant back up with actual facts. Every post you claim some new aspect is apparently a "crisis".

No they are not in crisis just because ITV may be (although I think it is too strong a term). ITV has an obvious falling audience share as I showed you on the graph. The BBC doesnt.

You may not have noticed, but the BBC is at the forefront of online TV delivery.
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