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You have to buy a copy of Saving Grace! That movie always makes me laugh! I start out my weekend relief guy's morning with "Would you like some Corn Flakes? They're heavenly!" clip to get him laughing. The only thing that makes me laugh more is How to stop cats forever- The extreme party popper by Craig Turner . Not only is it funny but Craig Turner is pretty easy on the eyes....

Speaking of "Saving Grace" the house that Grace lived was up for sale in 2009, here is an article about it. It is in St. Tudy.
Well, I checked out the Wellington Hotel and it didn't match

But.........I took the names of the towns you listed and started looking at the pubs that are listed as in or near St Tudy annnnnnnnnnnnddddddddd I found it!

I suspectedcit was the St Mabyn Inn. I only found a couple of pictures online and was about 75% sure I had it when all of a sudden I found a page of pictures from 1968. There was one with the stairway in the background! Then I found a site that has the pub for sale and two of the pictures clinched it - one even had the Gold Flake poster in the right place.

It IS the St Mabyn Inn. Since the pub is currently for sale I wonder if they will rent it out for use again this spring?

Thanks so much Adelie! Your work put me on the right track. Now if I could find that frickken hotel interior!
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