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I thought I was working class after viewing this I know I'm middle class lol
Nothing wrong with being working class, but these "people" are part of the underclass.

Having grown up in Harpurhey I dont know what to make of the show. Yes most of it is like that, yes most of the people are like that. But there are also some really decent people there and its unfair to tar them all with the same brush.

Had to laugh when Diana Dior came out singing "Daddy I've fallen for a monster" with the oversized black d*ld0 in her hands.

The thing that surprised me the most is they glossed over the biggest problem Harpurhey is facing at the moment the underlying racial tension.
Mark my words it is about to kick off there bigtime.

Found a good review here: http://itsonthetellystupid.wordpress...-is-harpurhey/
Yes, in rough areas everybody gets classed as the same, which is a shame.

People are too afraid to refer to race issues these days for fear of being labelled "racist". All that has achieved is to force whispered discussion underground to fester.

Its not scripted. I doubt the majority of the cast would be able to follow a script. Half of them dont even look like they can read.
That "Traveller" woman openly said that the household was illiterate whist speaking to somebody on the 'phone in tonights programme.

If you're talking about chris and nikki, I think you may have missed a bit .... nikki used to be nigel.
I took to mean that, because of the age difference, he thought that the relationship would provide her with a ready made son in her partner, as opposed to them actually having a baby together.

Its a shame the gay guy had to be onto drag!

He seemed pretty normal, owning a shop.

most gay men aren't camp drag queens, but another show that makes that look likr the norm
Yes, that was very stereotypical wasn't it.

Mind you, I have to say her flat (although not to my taste) was the cleanest, tidiest and decorated - which is more than you can say for most of them!
...but she did explain that the wallpaper, clock etc were obtained by shoplifting.

I wonder why the police don't do anything when someone openly admits to a crime on film and it is broadcast?

Are we now so soft in this country that these people feel quite happy and comfortable breaking the law and then casually chatting about it on national television?
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