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As I've stated in another thread, we were hotel owners for several years in France and I have known two couples who were just like these two lady owners. They run the place on their own and they have lost sight of what the establishment is all is about offering accommodation to members of the public. These two ladies have become overly possessive of their property, they treat their paying customers as though they are trespassers, as though they are unwelcome houseguests. They have lost sight of the fact that the guests are not paying to stay in their personal home, but in a business premises. I have never paid 250 'damage' payment anywhere I have stayed and to treat guests on arrival with the assumption they will go on the rampage is very poor PR. I think they need to give the game up and try another line of work. We stayed in a couple-run small hotel in the Tarn region of France, owners were British, and they let you know at the off that you were in their territory and you weren't to touch this, or do that and what time they liked to go to bed so don't be back too late that night. Very unwelcoming and made us feel like we were an inconvenience more than anything.
I wonder how establishments like that survive in the current economic climate. And there are so many B&Bs and hotels out there all clamouring for our business, competition is pretty tough.
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