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One point, and I really hope this isn't offensive or judgemental in any way, is that places like the Richwood in places like Torbay tend to deal with large, boisterous groups, e.g. hen parties, so I would guess that the pre-ordering of breakfast and the damages cost is partly to cover themselves and make a little easier when dealing with such volumes of guests.
Having read the responses on TA just recently the owners react with hostility to criticism and whoever writes the owners response has an insult and personal attack for the writer of every negative review. Re the pre-ordered breakfast...some owners do this because they lack the ability to cook meals on demand. If I was told 'order now or else' I would take the 'or else' option and leave. She wrote down the 3 digit security code from a customers card while they stood there....that is illegal I'm afraid. With regards to stains on the wall and on the pillows...there has to be allowance for normal wear and tear and structural damage is not a stain on the bloody wall! charge for structural damage yes - but there are legal guidelines for this - but for a mark on a pillow? that is carrying out a vendetta in my opinion.
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