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I've not looked at the Richwood's web-site and leaving aside the issue of the 250 deposit (which is totally and would stop me staying there in the first place) but as it's not been mentioned in the show, I'll ignore it and say that I would have put 'yes' in answer to the 'Would you stay here again?' question on my form. I thought the two couples who said 'no' tonight were rather harsh and a little out of order given the scores they gave for hosting, a good night's sleep and what looked like a good breakfast. If all they had as reasons for a 'no' was tired decor and ordering brekkie the night before, well, I'm a little bemused. Those reasons wouldn't justify a big underpayment, surely, so it seems like game-playing or doing what they'd been told to by the production team to me.
I agree that those reasons wouldn't justify a big underpayment but I think the "would you stay here again?" question is a separate issue. I would probably pay in full but also tick the "No" box. I've been to restaurants where the meal was fine but would not want to go back because I just didn't care for the place. If a b&b has tired decor, I would look for somewhere else.
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