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i actually did say that channel 5 seem to know what they are doing and seem quite content to do it. i notice that there is a thread called bbc - a demographic crisis - so may be they are in crisis after all and my previous threads should have either been allowed to stay or been merged with it. The bbc continues to be in thisd kind of crisis as well as a ratings one when beaten by lewis on monday and this is not to mention the enveloping crisis concerning the forthcoming strike and not to mention the ongoing jimmy saville issues of course.
Well, Tassium's claim of a "BBC demographic crisis" has been well and truly debunked. It's unfortunate that some people think it's acceptable to make bold, anecdotal claims that evidence of a "crisis" exists while failing to submit any actual hard evidence and denying the proven truth.
i m saying that at least i m not the only person who thinks so and have you told the other poster they re crazy or is it just me. Also the term crisis is very subjective and can mean many things and for balance sake if itv are in crisis, then so are the bbc, the big crisis for both is that the internet and other ways of viewing and removing linear viewers as most threads suggest. this causes the bbc and itv different problems and therefore both are in crisis because of the lost viewers not viewing them anymore.
If you want to play the subjectivity card, you can claim that literally anything is a "crisis" (in your imagination). "The BBC has an overuse of the colour red crisis because I say it has!"

Meanwhile, in the real world, there needs to be widespread perception of a crisis before it is taken seriously. Your barely-decipherable and evidence-free posts are unlikely to convince anyone that an actual crisis exists.
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