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Saw it last and thoroughly enjoyed it. Classic Tarantino throughout.

Thank god there are directors around like Tarantino that push the boundaries and give us something a little different to the norm. Those that churn out the old cliched comments 'overrated, unoriginal etc' are probably better served by the usual generic hollywood rubbish that clogs up our screens. Maybe go see Die Hard 5 instead to see what's really wrong with cinema before complaining about QT's output.

Accepted that he does borrow ideas from other films and genres but he clearly is a guy that loves movies and makes his films with that passion. Also he makes the films HIS way and won't be swayed by stupid studio execs who are worried about upsetting people or maximising profits. For that we should be grateful.

He is not a god and his films are not perfect but you got to give him credit where it's due - he can direct and writes great dialogue.
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