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Well, Tassium's claim of a "BBC demographic crisis" has been well and truly debunked. It's unfortunate that some people think it's acceptable to make bold, anecdotal claims that evidence of a "crisis" exists while failing to submit any actual hard evidence and denying the proven truth.If you want to play the subjectivity card, you can claim that literally anything is a "crisis" (in your imagination). "The BBC has an overuse of the colour red crisis because I say it has!"

Meanwhile, in the real world, there needs to be widespread perception of a crisis before it is taken seriously. Your barely-decipherable and evidence-free posts are unlikely to convince anyone that an actual crisis exists.
Some of the new comedys the bbc have tried recentlyhave rated well - these are the ,ones that actually should ,have done so, the royal bodyguard, me and mrs jones for examplei it is justified that due to the stars employed within these series that the bbc has somewhat of a crisis when it comes to using it stars well. The bbc has a similar problem when it comes to entertainment dog eat dog, dont scare the hare, animal antics, secret service for example as well are turgid formats using talent that the bbc have paid highly, these should rate better. one of the crisis that the bbc hasdis how to use their talent. Another crisis is that they have too much filler coast, bargain hunt, escape to the country, flog it, the list goes on and on - why not make new programmes or schedule properly put films in big gaps not episodes of these back to back. Then there is the demographic crisis that others have picked upon which is also very true. Another crisis is that the bbc has movedwith the times when it comes to new technology and social media. \The bbc also has an atitude that they can do what they want to do blow everbody else mentality as if we want to watch tv in this country we have to pay for the previledge .the final crisis concerns jimmy saville and what he did and possibly where he did it, many threads exist on this subject. All in all many crisis exist at the bbc and there are many others, all of the above are very different to itv s issues identified elsewhere.
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