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. The bbc has a similar problem when it comes to entertainment dog eat dog, dont scare the hare, animal antics, secret service for example as well are turgid formats using talent that the bbc have paid highly, these should rate better. one of the crisis that the bbc hasdis how to use their talent. Another crisis is that they have too much filler coast, bargain hunt, escape to the country, flog it, the list goes on and on - why not make new programmes or schedule properly put films in big gaps not episodes of these back to back. .
Why? One simple reason is cost.

The formats you mention are low cost. Do you think the BBC should put on 1 million an hour drama at low audience periods, say in the day time? Do you think that represents VFM?

Secondly the BBC is there to serve all, not just your definition of what is worthy content. There is an audience that enjoys this content.
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