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When I read hotel reviews, the first thing I read are the "terribles". Some, of course, can be discarded as silly, especially in countries where the hotel can be a 1000 year old mansion or castle. "No turn down service", "the window's high up".

The answer from the proprietor to genuine compliants is very revealing. In some cases the guests have made errors, in others, it was a very temporary situation, apologies etc. Others will examine their procedures, though not promising to change them.

In the case of the richwood, and one last week, I didn't bother reading higher-marked reviews. Even if something is genuinely the guest's fault, there's no harm in apologising., and saying you won't do it again.

Ant to end a reply with "we wouldn't want him back here" is unforgiveable. Have these people never heard of repeat business? Especially in a holiday area where people return year after year?

And do any of the owners really think a wooden plaque is going overcome treatment like that?
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