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After reading some of the complaints and responses on TA of V&S's place, I noted the "damages " deposit! What never heard of such a thing although of course many hotel have your CC details and I suppose they could very well use these. Also I see the bistro i often closed ( which would be the big thing for me..the food by the way being more important than a fish tank. I think this is a case of two ladies biting off more than they could chew and getting their hip scarves i a twist. So iam revising my gernerous assessment and thinking why oh why....didn;t you go fr that two up two down (ensuite of course)?
If you look at her terms and conditions they seem to be modelling themselves on Ryanair with charges here, there and everywhere.

Getting stroppy about guests taking alcohol back to their room is unheard of by me. I have never stopped in a place that objected to it,.
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