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I thought they were Mother and Daughter ?
I didn't get that impression did they say anything or is it just a feeling?

She lives in Torquay - she probably thinks the Lake District is positively Artic and dressed accordingly
although it wasn't the best of weather, granted.

I don't get why people are so anti ordering an evening meal in advance.
Many b&bs - chambres d'hôtes in France offer evening meals (table d'hôte - table of the host) to guests. Here, the menu is agreed in advance - often several weeks in advance and for meals cooked on night of arrival, they are frequently paid for in advance.
Normandie, in addition to some of the very unprofessional replies to writers on TA - and I totally agree with JSSmith99's points above - I'm left confused as to what and how The Richwood is operating.

It's a big property granted and it bills itself as a Hotel, but at other times I heard Veronica refer to it quite distinctly as 'the house' and I think that's the essence of the problem.
They're saddled with far too large a place, with hardly any, or no, staff and they live there, it is their home, but it's not a B&B, or the traditional restaurant with rooms and they haven't worked out how it should be placed and run. If you set yourself up as a Hotel I think people are entitled to expect Hotel Service. Otherwise they should try and cut their losses and go off to do something that's manageable and which fulfills expectations.

One of the two women said, they'd be better off using some money to do a proper front of house for a restaurant and do that properly.

Looking at TA they've had to go down the route of getting involved with special offer voucher sites and yes, they probably have had some bad experiences and been left out of pocket, but again, you can't start ranting at the guests if they take up an offer and then aren't the kind of guest you prefer.

By the way I was quoted a while ago where I spoke about the negative TA reviews and the bit where I'd mentioned how many positive reviews there are was cut out from the quote.
I was trying to be even-handed, but as JSSmith said, it's how complaints are dealt with that says most about the proprietors of any business, when the customers are happy there's nothing to sort out is there.
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