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I am discussing this week's Zoe.
I think it's getting a bit like CDWM though, too many different episodes running the same week and it can get confusing.

Thanks for the kind words, SolarSail. Some of the reasons for 1* reviews simply baffle me. For example. a hotel in Rethymon with some rooms in an old Venetian mansion : "the rooms are dark".
What you said is absolutely true though.
So often people don't think it through (Escape to the Country, the brief is a chocolate box traditional cottage and then the criticism is that rooms are small and ceilings low ) Veronica and Saida complained about noise when they were staying in a busy town centre hotel where the upside of that was the convenience of being right in the heart of things (Stratford)
Yes owners could interline their curtains if they don't have/can't afford double glazing, but as they themselves point out, it all costs.

A lot of the feedback that seems to offend the owners wouldn't even arise with real guests e.g. the lack of an ensuite, because the guest simply wouldn't book that room.
The end result of 'No, I wouldn't stay here again ... because of lack of ensuite/because I was in a Yurt' etc. wouldn't crop up either.

3 hours until we find out why they refuse to stay
Tempting as my suggestion of finding Paul in a mankini and dicky bow in their room, might be, the only sensible thing I can think of is that there's 1 single room at the Inn tonight and the others all have double beds not twins
The rooms look very nice to me, and all the reviews on TA are good since Helen took over - I've looked at the restaurant reviews as well as the B&B side.

The website dos say an extra bed can be put in a room, but perhaps it hasn't been and the women aren't happy
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