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Normandie, in addition to some of the very unprofessional replies to writers on TA - and I totally agree with JSSmith99's points above - I'm left confused as to what and how The Richwood is operating.
Do you recollect how long they said they've been running it? Less than two years?

Looking at TA they've had to go down the route of getting involved with special offer voucher sites and yes, they probably have had some bad experiences and been left out of pocket, but again, you can't start ranting at the guests if they take up an offer and then aren't the kind of guest you prefer.
Often, the cheaper the offer the cheaper the guest.

I think I read on one of the TripAdvisor reviews (or in one of the ill-advised responses) that the some of the deals are 29.99 per night. They can't get a return on that, especially if there are extra laundering overheads, etc. I wonder how Premier Inns and similar (who charge the same or a bit more?) cope with hen parties etc.

I am discussing this week's Zoe.
Perhaps my reference to Beirut confused.
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