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I did look at the link perhaps you should gave chosen one that leads directly to the picture you were talking about.You're right if you scroll through a load of other pictures.Stop being so obtuse its obvious which picture I was referring to.As many other people have pointed out Adele is entitled to speak to/have her picture with whoever she likes.She is not the first celeb to continue to be a fan of Chris Brown despite his many indiscretions why should she of all of them refuse to speak to him?I have had chats with people who I knew to have done things I don't approve in the past,it's a lot easier to be a moral crusader and judge others from behind a computer screen than it is to their faces.
It's the second picture.

As to the second BIB, might as well close down Digital Spy forums forthwith.

It would not surprise me if it wasn't an ochestrated PR exercise, didn't he duff up his girlfriend when he was due to appear at a previous Grammys?
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