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Yep. Same old same old. "look what I bagged Pete--- & the kids LOVE him !"
In truth I don't think Andre will be bothered so much now. First time it shook him to the core. Second time will have hurt as well,but now ? I think he will be less affected . It seems to be true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. That old dog keeps using the same marriages & them papped with the kids. Someone should tell her that is SO last year darling.
As for Lauren Goodger. Another trout face hooked up with a dodgy bloke, pining over an ex long gone & over her,so her & KP have that in common.
But KP will not like Goodger spilling the beans on her plans.
Shes married him and hes going to be photographed with the children. Emily was eating breakfast with the children on his tv show, so its not unusual for them

I agree about Lauren and its sad she has spent so long hanging onto Mark Wright.
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