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Dicaprio stole the entire film for me, and I thought the last act was boring after the major scene shootout in Calvins house.

He was undoubtedly excellent, as were Waltz and Jackson. Right up until the last half hour, I thought Taratino had returned to form and produced a film to rival the genius of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Then we had the last half hour, which not only contained an execrable cameo from Tarantino himself but a tedious, predictable cartoon sequence that almost ruined the preceding 2 hours. Someone mentioned that Tarantino pushes the boundaries and ignores studio execs but the ending of Django is pure Hollywood morality. Frankly I expected something more original and less politically correct.

The soundtrack was mostly excellent and Tarantino expertly handled the spaghetti western tropes. I feel that these days, he writes brilliant individual scenes but struggles to string them together to make a coherent film.

It was OK but could have been so much better.
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