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Are you thinking of Badlands? That theme was used very prominently in the film. It featured a young couple on the run but they were on a killing spree, not evading the Mob

Might be the one you're thinking of
I still think it's True Romance, not Badlands.

True Romance has the couple on the run from the mafia, including Christopher Walken and James Gandolfini. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. And they do hang out in motels quite a lot.

Dennis Hopper as Slaters father also figures extensively.

There was no mafia or motels involved in the original Badlands, which was made in1972, whereas True Romance is 1993.

Check out the trailer for both -

True Romance -

Badlands -

Thanks, it WAS True romance!
When I watched the trailor for Badlands I kind of recognised it as being the film I was referring to but thought my memory of the film wasn't so good, but having just watched the clip from True Love, it all came back to me
Thanks everyone for your replies.
Did the same music feature in both films?
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