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[quote=Sallysally;64244134]He wants a pay rise - double the number of flies or he does not appear

And I am really pleased too that there will be a third series. Can't see there will be too much mileage after that - or Ste Marie will become the murder capital of the Caribbean!
I suspect that the Camille and Richard story will be resolved one way or the other and then that will be that.

I am a Guardian reader, by the way, and I really don't understand the columnist who wrote the tosh above about it being rubbish. There is space in one's life for both The Killing and DiP. They are NOT mutually exclusive.[/QUOTE]

Another one here..I have read the Guardian at times in my life..tends to be the "i" I pick up these impoverished days .But why can't I enjoy Scandrama,Spiral,DiP,Ripper Street and Mentalbaldie?I like my crime in many a background!
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