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I wish she'd make up her mind whether "a hand on the small of her back" (rapidly joining "£26,000", "giant children" and "buttery soft leather" as a regular staple for the bingo card!) is something that gives her the creeps (as indicated in this article) or a warm and loving sign of security and affection (as she keeps telling us in relation to the FRS!)

I wonder how the dance partner chap felt about having his accent presented in a Fawlty Towers-style caricature? ‘The tango, it ‘as to be close, so close you ‘ear my ‘eart she beat!’
....At one point, according to Liz, he even says "Que?" in "baffled Spanish", just like Manuel.

And why do they have to have so many pictures? The second two were almost identical--Liz sitting at a mirror in her costume holding a rose, in two fractionally different poses. Then another one of her sitting at the same mirror in different clothes that appeared to have absolutely nothing to do with the article.
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