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The celeb world is also the most false thing on the planet so I'm not sure why anyone making nice with even a scumbag like Chris Brown surprises anyone. Chris Brown was "forgiven" in the first place because he can still make money for people, after all.
I'm not surprised more like disappointed.

This is a guy who's brutually attacked a woman, drove of and deserted her by the roadside late at night, appears 18 hours later at a police all politeness and nice.

His subsequent actions and deeds were extremely questionable regarding his attitude to the incident.

He's found guilty, gets his community service switched to his hometown and turns it into a photo opportunity. The LA DA raises serious questions about his so called community service and the police officer who signed him off resigns.

Then an internationally famous award winning FEMALE singer chooses to pose for photos with him. What next a duet with Gary Glitter?
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