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I thought National Anthem brought up interesting ideas regarding civic duty, public peer pressure, social media bullying, propaganda, public idols being adored for what they represent rather than who the they are and also celebrity degradation for public entertainment.

I did find it a case of life imitating art when Nadine Dorries decided to volunteer for a contest on TV where you eat wild boar testicles and kangaroo anuses considering the show was about a political figure humiliating themselves to earn public favour even at the cost of their professional dignity and personal pride and the stigma such acts can have on your real personal relationship.
What I got mainly from National Anthem was an exploration of the twisted logic that our leaders are responsible for the actions of others if they don't do whatever is required to stop them. The PM was forced to follow through with the act after the public said they would blame him for the Princess's death if he didn't.

It made me think about how this happens in today's society; with some arguments made about how we are responsible for Islamic terrorism because we treat their countries badly. Or how during the riots last year the government was accused for being 'responsible' because of it's policies.
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