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I daresay she would if she could.
Do remember she sued OK over revealing her Danny Cipriani dalliance on the grounds that they revealed a story she could have sold to a magazine & therefore lost her s. She would sell her farts if she could & her droolers would buy them.
Therefore ,yes,I maintain she will NOT be happy at Goodger jumping the gun revealing her plans.


Goodger is on the payroll; she wouldn't have dared reveal it without the say so of Queen Bee. Pwicceeeeeeee would not have allowed LG to be bridesmaid without setting strict paramaters first; one of which will be to drip feed media hints about this blessed union... This will have generated press interest (in Pwiceeeeeeeeeeeeeey's mind) and will set the scene for big . The big plan will be to sell it to the highest bidder.

In reality of course, even 'SlapAChav' will probably just and keep the phone off the hook.
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