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I met Margaret Rutherford when I was a teenager. She was appearing at the Liverpool Playhouse with John Neville,Anna and Raymond Massey,Ralph Richardson. They were all charming and prepared to sign autogrpahs in the pouring rain for 2 sodden schoolgirls but Margaret came out last and insisted we went back inside the stage door with her as "You two little girls are getting soaked" She flung her tapestry wrap over her shoulder ( just like Miss Marple) and hugged us. What a gem!
I heard a radio programme about Margaret Rutherford recently. She had a terribly sad early life. Her father murdered her grandfather and was confined to Broadmoor on and off. Her mother committed suicide by hanging and Margaret herself had mental health problems throughout her life.

She was an incredibly kind woman who helped all sorts of waifs and strays. Lucky you to experience this side of her,

Did you know that Tony Benn was her cousin?
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