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Utterly disgusted with underhand tactics employed by "Celebs" and their Lawyers as a tactic to escape rightful justice.

Dappy should have been imprisoned, if it were you or I in the same situation it would have been a dead cert we would of gone inside.
Nothing to do with "celebs". Lawyers will always make whatever arguments they feel play best for their clients and if you're the client, chances are you do as you're told.

The argument the lawyer made was that a number of people depend on Dappy's career (not just the man himself). But it wasn't the key factor in keeping him out of jail anyway.

Judge Stewart told Dappy he had spared him an immediate prison term because of his remorse at his actions.

He said: 'The report I have on you suggests you do not present overtly criminal attitudes and this offence has been a wake-up call for you.'

He added: 'Spitting at someone is a repulsive action and is more serious because you have done something similar in the past.

'Even on that aggravation, the offence would not be so serious as to merit a prison sentence.

'It is clear that this spitting triggered these events that culminated in the affray but was not part of the affray.'

The judge added: 'The sentence I have decided on is not affected by any consideration of whether a person is well-known to the public.'
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