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Not on DS there isn't, it would seem!
I know! It is ridiculous. 99% of men married to women are straight. It is unfortunate that a few men do it to hide their sexuality, as do some women married to men but it is an exception and not a rule.

Considering that 90% or more people are estimated to be straight it is ridiculous on here how many people dismiss someone saying they are hetrosexual. Chances are they aren't lying

Speculating is different to deciding someone's sexuality for them. That is what I hate! It's like all the people who refused to believe Gareth Thomas was gay because he is masculine. Not all gay men are really camp One of my best friends is a lesbian and people have refused to believe she is a lesbian. It's ridiculous and it works both ways!

If you think someone might be gay and they say they are straight, it is insane to say they are clearly lying. Only they know for sure.
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