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I think that it is about time for the BBFC to do a complete overhaul of the 15/18 categories, and place them more in line of the US system. I think an entirely new certificate should be put in place; by combining the 15 and 18 certificates a brand new 16A category could be introduced. This would mean anyone aged 16 or older could go an see the film unaccompanied, but anyone under 16 would have to be accompanied by a parent or any other adult over 18. It would be similar to the US 'R' (Restricted) category. Films in the 16A category would include the same material allowed in films rated 15 and 18 at present; strong violence, frequent strong language, sexual nudity, drug use, etc.
On the other hand the 18 certificate can still remain, but be reserved only for the really extreme stuff or for films featuring the most explicit sexual material-sort of like the NC-17 in the US.
So in line with the US system my proposals would be; U=G, PG=PG, 12A=PG-13, 16A=R and 18=NC-17.
I await your opinion.
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