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Well this is an awesome topic that will surely be full of utter crap.

So film is more "real" is it? what do you watch your "film" on? let me guess, a DVD player of some hard disc based player, on a digital TV. Not to mention any post processing that goes into movies, even old films have to be processed in order to get them onto DVD etc.

Its that same issue when the White Stripes pointed out they never used digital when recording albums. Those same albums that were sold on CDs and online (all digital) or the post production clean ups that were all, yep you guessed it, digital.

Film worked because it was all we had, now digital is here and its far better than film could ever dream of being. But thats progress. No one is using horses to get to work, because cars are better, but with no souls.

Anything film can do, digital can also do. And make sure you are comparing actual examples, not Transformers vs Once Upon a Time in the West.

Sorry if I come off rude, but this whole "old" vs "new" subject has been done to death in almost every aspect of media, and its getting tiresome beyond belief.
I assumed the OP meant film as in the item video is recorded on, not film as in "Transformers" or "Once Upon A Time In The West". If that's the case, how do we provide examples.
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