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Yes, he is her father.
I thought he was the younger sister's dad but not hers. Amber called him Paul at one point.
They way he ogles that amber thing is creepy, as for the amber thing she seems like a dense ignorant little madam.
That third quote......from Rowan

you saying that Paul is creepy from ogling his daughter/step daughter (Amber) is BANG out of order......

I've watched both episodes.......and not seen one but of evidence to support your view.

He looks like frank gallagher with a haircut, (and you can hear and see the snippet of humour when he complains about living with crazy women)

They might seem a bit rough and ready, but between him and the mother, they own and run a laundrette and have another daughter (and act like a surrogate family to Amber's friend)

And are no doubt would have helped support their daughter through University...... (she might have bonkers eyebrows and makeup, but underneath she is a pretty girl, clearly studies hard to get her A-Levels/Btec and wants something better)

Rather have them as parents, than be like Nicola who had that gobby illiterate traveller woman and her alcoholic ex (who ironically sounds like the better of her 'parents' ) or the guy in prison for murder,
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