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I assumed the OP meant film as in the item video is recorded on, not film as in "Transformers" or "Once Upon A Time In The West". If that's the case, how do we provide examples.
I know what he meant and thats what I was pointing out. Once upon a time in the west used film real, and the Transformers movies were recorded digitally.

You cannot provide examples, not in any scientific sense for exactly the reason I stated.

Transformers is a souless piece of crap, chruned out to idiots. Once upon... is a classic. So in this case film would win.

But Zombie Nosh was garbage and that used film, in fact lots of movies and TV shows shot on film are a pile of junk not worth the film they were filmed with.

yet lots of digitally shot films are amazing and great films.

Think of it like this, is a band/artist better because its on LP compared to say MP3 (or Flac if you prefer)? The medium has little to do with the product, its the product that counts. It works in ANY media format.

Sonic is a good game because its a good game. Not because its on an older technology.

The Beatles are still good in an mp3 player, and Rihanna is still crap on cassette as well as CD.

The Thing was shot entirely on film and had no CGI whatsoever (one of the last major films to boast such a thing), Lord of the Rings (I personally cannot be fussed with them) were digital CGI hyper joints, yet many people love them.

No one ever cared if the film used techniscope or was shot on a HD Cam or an old nokia phone, only if it was any good.
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