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Irn Bru advert with "Fanny." Just really grates on me!

Any mascara or perfume advert too. I love mascara but I don't need someone with fake eyelashes and a professional make-up artist telling me that their mascara works that way. And perfume ads just do not make any sense!!!

Just seen a Greggs advert "Why bother making it yourself when you can..." Basically spend your money on food you don't need that is gonna contribute to making you fat. If you don't like what you're making yourself for lunch then change it.

I'm in a rather bad mood today
Agree on that Irn Bru ... aye he'll grow up in a bunch of fannies .... good way contempt your child to bullying in later life

Thank god no one out there has called their child Fanny or am I just wishing
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