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Which makes sense, what you're saying is that the medium shouldn't/doesn't matter and that the quality, intentions and passion of the film maker are what counts...

I misunderstood what you were saying...
Yep, although I may spoil it now though.... vs digital does have SOME interesting aspects though.

Back when film was all we had, the start up costs for the cameras and equipment was MUCH higher, so it was more likely you would need talent in order to get investments into films. You would need talent and also some level of history (proven track record, good films, critical acclaim and so on)

But with digital being so cheap now days, a lot more people can make films. Those that would have been laughed out of a board room making a pitch for some generic crap are now able to make films. So digital has increased the amount of hacks, but it also allowed unknown geniuses to also get a shot where as in the older days they may have never gotten the chance.
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