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Ok, I know this is a bit OT, but the debate most recently seems to have revolved around the word 'repellent' in regard to who might be having sex with whom!

I'm a straight married female, but my equally straight partner (like a lot of straight men ) likes woman-on-woman fantasy stuff. I've often wondered what it is about men that makes them like that (or, rather, not find it 'repellent'!) whereas myself, and most other straight women I know, really don't care for two men 'doing it'!

Ok, maybe that's not the best example to give, but what I'm trying to say is that it's all relative, and the word 'repellent' is sometimes misused/misrepresented/misunderstood by both those who say the words, and those who read/hear them.

For the record, my oldest friend is gay, but I've never once has the word 'repellent' entered into my thoughts. But again, perhaps it's relative - has anyone thought gay people might find the idea of heterosexual sexual acts 'repellent' But would that be ok? Not trying to rationalise anything, just saying that sometimes words are said and not necessarily used in the ways they were intended - I'm an English teacher, welcome to my world, lol!
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