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Thanks for the info, I was sure it was a 'hit record' of sorts, tough luck on his part that he never got a TOTP appearance with it. I think it would have got a lot higher if he had.

Like some of their songs but not a big Ultravox fan personally. I thought Sleepwalk was a brilliant song though and am shocked that only got to number 29! That and 'All Stood Still' were their 2 best songs IMO. Can totally understand its appeal to many, but I never really liked 'Vienna', then or now. Now more so as I've just heard it too much. Same thing as with tracks like Human League's 'Don't You Want Me' or Soft Cell's 'Tainted Love' from around the same time. Yes, they're all great songs but when you hear them for the umpteenth time, the appeal kinda wears off, well for me anyway. Especially when all the groups in question have got equally good songs (and sometimes better) that don't get the same kind of respect.
The Ultravox songs you quote are from the Midge Ure years, I think. Try listening to the pre-Ure Ultravox, e.g. the Systems of Romance album. Tracks like 'I Can't Stay Long' and 'Slow Motion', or go back even further to 'Hiroshima Mon Amour', my personal favourite. Very much of its time, yet still sounding Ultracool.
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