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I am a bisexual female and I find two women together hot, but not two men together. I don't know why! It doesn't bother me though. There are women who find two men kissing a turn on, but most of them don't. Who knows why it is

I think the word repellent is problematic. Obviously most men aren't going to like the idea of two men kissing, but to say they find it repellent or disgusting is a bit much imo. I used to be friends with a lesbian who said two men kissing was repulsive. I stopped being friends with her because that is homophobic and hypocritical. Obviously she wasn't attracted to men but to say you are disgusted by something is not the same as being a bit uncomfortable
BIB - that was my original point! (Apart from being bisexual, lol!). I didn't mean to be confusing! I don't understand it either - and, for the record, many straight women also find woman-on-woman erotic; now, why on earth should THAT be?! (Rhetorical question - I don't know the answer!).

But if straight (or bisexual) men find woman-on-woman erotic (or, in the words of this thread, 'not repellent') doesn't logic say women (or bisexual) women should find men-on-men erotic/not repellent? And yet we mostly don't?!

So basically, I agree with you in what you say - words are dangerous, aren't they?! Repellent/uncomfortable - maybe some people mean one when they say the other? But to be so blunt (i.e. the people who find gay sex 'repellent' for any reason) when it's likely many people will interpret the words equally bluntly is a little open to confusion (and that's putting it euphemistically!).
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