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i am hoping that that this three live episodes bit is a misunderstanding about getting 3 people per judge to the live tv stage rather than only 3 live episodes as it does say on face book:

"clicks glass* Morning everyone, we have an announcement. This year, there will be some new twists. In the Battles, our coaches can STEAL a rival coach's artist from the ones that get out-battled. And after the Battles, we have a new round called THE KNOCKOUTS, where artists each pick their own "killer song" to perform. Coaches then take their favourite three to the finals. Exciting times."

if you recall when they had a large number of contestants they had only singers from two teams in each of the live shows

i would prefer it to be like below as an example:

live ep 1 jessie and dannys team, each loose a person, taking them to two

live ep 2 will and tom each loose a person taking them to two

live ep 3 jessie and danny team, each loosing someone and leave them with one finalist

live ep 4 will and tom, each loosing someone and leaving them with one finalist

live ep 5 final so the last person from each team is in the final
that's only going to be 2-6 people singing in an almost two hour episode. What the heck are they going to do for the rest of the time?
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